Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meteor Christmas Ad & New Jingle

Meteor’s new Christmas Jingle Composed by former Bell X1 Brian Crosby

Next week Meteor will launch their 2012 Christmas campaign, “Let’s Get Christmassy”. The campaign will be driven by a new TV ad which debuts Meteor’s new Christmas song composed by Brian Crosby, former member of Bell X1.

Following in the character tradition of Meteor ads, the latest ad will feature a new Meteor character Steve. Steve is followed from the moment he realises that Christmas is here. During the ad we then hear his internal thoughts as he anticipates all the things that he loves about an Irish Christmas. In typical Meteor style, the ad features a series of vignettes capturing Steve getting Christmassy: taking it easy in work; eating a selection box for lunch; abandoning Christmas shopping in favour of drinks with mates; being gifted with an annual supply of underpants by his Mam; being late for Christmas mass; and “enjoying” a Christmas dip in freezing Irish waters.

“We wanted our ‘Let’s Get Christmassy’ campaign to celebrate a very Irish Christmas and all of the things that make Christmas our favourite time of year. There was no Christmas song out there that reflected this so we wrote our own,” commented Lisa Comerford, Head of Brand and Advertising, ‘We were delighted to work with a talent like Brian, who not only composed the song but acted as musical director on the project in its entirety and in conjunction with the creative team at Rothco, Bobby Byrne and Stephen Rogers.”

“The best and most unique things about an Irish Christmas are free or cost very little. These are some of the things that set the Irish Christmas apart and this is what we wanted to convey with our “Let’s Get Christmassy” campaign. Value is what Meteor is all about and our Christmas phone range reflects just that. We have some real Christmas crackers of phones this festive season including exclusive colour ranges not available anywhere else” she added.

The “Let’s Get Christmassy” ads showcase the Meteor device offering for Christmas.

A 10 second sequel ad also forms part of the campaign, developing the storyline, and featuring the hero Steve buying a handset as a Christmas gift for his office crush Sarah.

Created and filmed entirely in Ireland, the Meteor “Let’s Get Christmassy” TV campaign launches Thursday 15th November and will be supported with radio, press, online display and social media from November 19th. #whatmakesmechristmassy.

The ad was developed by Meteor with Rothco and creative team Stephen Rogers and Bobby Byrne, was directed by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman from Team D.A.D.DY. and produced by Gary Moore from Red Rage Films.

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