Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3D Baseball Cards

There has been a definite move by a number of high profile business to encorporate augmented reality / immersive visual elements to their products, and I for one am seriously excited about it. Lego and GE Smart Grid have both done it fantastically, but it may be Topps Baseball Cards that are set to blow eveyone out of the water. Their new '3D live' Baseball Cards are being billed with the ability to 'put players in your hands'.

While on the Topps site, if a user holds one of their '3D live' Baseball Cards infront of their web-cam they will be able to see a 3D representation of that player come to life. News is that the player will also perform a number of 3D animations - pitching for pitchers, batting for batters etc.

Total Immersion, the guys behind the '3D live' Baseball Cards technology have a great site, filled with more info on the hows and whys.

Thanks to Sheena here in the office for sharing this one :)

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