Thursday, March 5, 2009

Could an Irishman get the 'Best Job in the World'?

For those of you who missed the fantastic Australian Tourism Board campaign for the “Best Job in the World”, you missed a craic'r! Imagine being paid AUS$150k to spend 6 months on a tropical island in your own private 3 bedroom house, complete with ocean views and heated tropical swimming pool. The catch? There wasn't one. Sure you'd have a job to do; feed the fish, clean the pool, collect the mail and maintain a blog of your day-today going-ons, but lets face it, that's hardly work.

To get this amazing job all you had to do was record a short video of yourself, explaining why you should become the new Hamilton Island Caretaker. Considering the position it's therefore not surprising that over 35,000 people applied, from over 200 countries.

From those people a short list of 50 has been drawn up to compete for a Wild Card to join 10 people already chosen by the tourism board. Impressively, an Irishman has made the final shortlist of 50. So what happens next?

Now it's up to the world to vote on who from those 50 people gets through. As of today’s results, our Irishman is at number 5 in the Wild Card Leaderboard…giving our man a seriously good chance of winning!

The gent in question, George Karellas from Bettystown, is a Meathman who worked for RTE in the 90s, before moving to Carr Communications and then on to a number of creative projects in Greece.

Paddy's Day is two weeks away - if ever there was a cuase to unfurl your Irishness to, it's this. I for one have cast my vote, and expect each of ye to do the same.


Wildman93 said...

Interesting video, but not sure if he is as strong as some of the the other candidates. Check out my blog for more on this competition.

I've Got a Golden Ticket

Christian Hughes said...

Perhaps - but in the end I think this position will come down to character and entertainment. And who's more entertaining and filled with more character then an Irishman (sure I'm a little biased)?