Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Links

There were no Sunday Links last week as there were no sites that didn't make the Friday's Best of the Web. So instead there's a whole plethora of sites this week, all definitely worth checking out!

Watchmen Website: If you haven't seen the film or read the novel perhaps best to avoid for spoilage, but otherwise a fun site worth checking out
Speed Lessons: Novak Djokovic with some fantastic animation, presenting speedy solutions to some *often* asked questions
Vodafone Rugby Tribe: Purely from a technical and logistic point of view this site is really easy to navigate and use, definite learnings here
Slurpee - Brainfreeze Laboratory: fun stuff, chill out (pardon the pun) and check it out
David Armano's Critter - Twitter for Pets: While only a concept, I reckon there's a host of celeb types that would scream wildly for this
Sell Sell: really cool blog
Awesome Adverts
Awesome Adverts
Spacesick: Evil Corporations Rebranded: maybe it was just how they presented themselves?

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