Thursday, March 26, 2009

Online PR for Royals

As most of you are probably aware, it's not a new thing to have celebrities posting their own YouTube content. It's not even new to see a royal face or two, consider that The Royal Family (UK) has their own YouTube Channel. What is interesting is to take a look at the more innovative and progressive political uses of YouTube by these people.

Don't worry, while I am a fan of Mr. Obama I'm not going to talk about him. In my opinion the most progressive political use of YouTube that I have seen lately is from the Middle East. In fact, from a woman in the Middle East. I accept that that may sound odd to some people, considering the general western perception is of a region where leaders are not interested in freedom of speech and women don't appear publicly in politics. So when I say that the most progressive political use of YouTube I have seen to date is a young Arab female, I'd forgive you for being surprised.

Queen Rania is etting the trend and opening barriers for women and men alike, throughout the Middle East. She not only has her own YouTube channel on YouTube that promotes open dialogue and freedom of expression, but she is actively striving to breakdown the stereotypes that exist about Arabs and Muslims.

Her activities have even won her the Visionary Award on YouTube Live '08.

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