Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nike: Challenge (Men vs Women)

"Honey, where's my shoes...?"

You like your girlfriend, you may even love her, but lets face it, in the ultimate grudge match there is no love. There's brotherhood and sisterhood. There's the age old question of who's the better, stronger, smarter or fitter sex. In Nike's latest campaign they dare to not only ask the question, but provide a forum for an answer.

Nike+ Challenge pits the sexes against eachother to see who can run more in 38 days. Launched on March 13th the campaign integrates Nike's extensive product suite of sports fitness wear and shoes, with the Nike iPod Sports Kit - allowing all your workouts to be recorded and communicated back to the Challenge in the easiest way possible.

This is a fantastic example of cross-brand integration and digital integration. The campaign microsite gives you everything from suggest running routes, to song mixes, to product links in the Nike online store. This is a must see campaign!

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