Thursday, April 2, 2009

Google Suggest - Local Flavours

Last August Google launched its Suggest function. Since then, as you type a search query into the Google search box, you are offered suggestions as to what it is you may be looking for. On Tuesday the service received it's first major update, with a full country-by-country localisation.

For example, if in the UK as soon as 'liver' is typed you are shown possible searches around Liverpool football club, however if you were in the US you would be offered possible searches on Liver Disease.

In India, as the mobile phone market is exploding, as soon as you type 'no' you are shown a multitude of possible Nokia searches.

The Google Blog gives a full account of the feature and loads of examples.

Be warned, if you don't like stereotypes it'd be best to overlook the Irish example they give!

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