Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jillz Cider Advertising - Only for the Dutch

Heineken have finally released their first ad for their new cider brand, but you'll never see it on UK or Irish TV for a very good reason. Dutch laws are a lot more relaxed then in the British Isles when it comes to advertising and this ad is definitely against guidelines. The ad features four apple-picking, shirtless heart-throbs who proceed to sing a very boy-band style tune.

Heineken describes the ad campaign as being targeted at women with an "evolutionary instinct to discuss, judge and select attractive men".

"The four singing hunks do not address women as the usual stereotypes of house wife, sex kitten, blonde bimbo or business bitch," Heinenken states in a press release. "Instead the ad aims at a more elementary level of their femininity, the evolutionary instinct to discuss, judge and select attractive men."

Pink and Poodle, the agency behind the ad, says it specialises in targeting hard-to-reach groups such as "women, youth groups and subcultures". Apparently the ad, which features plenty of sexual innuendo is designed to turn the current "alpha male"-dominated ad world on its head.

"Watching it [the ad] could be an ego-crunching experience for beer bellies everywhere," the release claims.

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