Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aleksandr Orlov Goes To Facebook First

It's been a while since Compare the Meerkat's Aleksandr Orlov has released a new tv ad, and this may just be about the best one yet. What makes this ad unique, however, is that it was released exclusively through Facebook for the campaign's 600,000 friends. The ad won't air on TV until today.

This is the latest example of how the Compare the Meerkat campaign has been able to fully tap into the potential of Social Media. Aside from the 600,000 fans on Facebook, the campaign has also been able to grow 27,000 followers on Twitter. Last month it was also revealed that Aleksandr will be getting his own web show to interview celebrities. First up is Piers Morgan.

According to VCCP, the agency behind Compare The Meerkat, in the first 9 weeks of the campaign, quotes on leapt by 80%, while awareness of the brand tripled from 20% to 59%.

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