Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guinness Storehouse: 10 Years & 1 Million Visitors

Today, Guinness Storehouse made the monumental announcement that it's 1 millionth visitor has crossed it's doorway. Not only does this go to re-enforce the Storehouse's position as Ireland’s No. 1 visitor attraction, but it also solidifies it as the 3rd biggest brand experience in the world (Source: Economic Research Agency 2008).

Speaking at today's announcement, Managing Director, Paul Carty said; “We are delighted that we had the opportunity to welcome over one million people through our doors in 2009. It was no mean feat with the year that was in it. The Irish tourism industry is under severe pressure, closing the year with a 12% fall in overseas arrivals. Within this context, it is reassuring for us at Guinness Storehouse to record a positive performance that still achieves and surpasses 1 million visitors.”

Mr. Carty continued, “ If we zoom in on our performance, up until October last year, Guinness Storehouse had actually increased visitor numbers exceeding the past year by 1,000. November and December delivered a weaker influx, hence generating an overall total of only –1% visitors in 2009 on 2008”.

Considering the current economic climate, and even more so the climate of the last year, this achievement is made even more noteworthy. Certainly one of Guinness Storehouse's strongest contributors to this success is its aggressive and highly coordinated PPC activity. By driving PPC advertising across a global platform, Guinness storehouse targets visitors who are in a "shopping" frame of mind, searching for things to do when they come to Ireland. In 2009 the Storehouse saw US visitors increase by 12% and European countries increase by 19% - within Europe, France, Italy and Spain showed the highest increases in visitor numbers with +26%, +21% and +23% respectively.

2010 will also see another huge milestone for Guinness Storehouse as it celebrates 10 years since first opening its doors in November 2000. To mark the anniversary, Guinness Storehouse has issued 1000's of ''Ambassador Cards, which allow fans to gain free access for the year. Furthermore, the Storehouse has also promised that 2010 will be jam-packed with even more photographic exhibitions, food demonstrations, live music and interactive tours then ever before!

A few interesting Guinness Storehouse facts:

  • Guinness Storehouse building was erected between 1902 and 1904 for use in the fermentation process
  • The building is 125 feet high, 170 feet long and 151 feet wide.
  • It would take 14.3 million pints of Guinness to fill the giant glass atrium in centre of the Guinness Storehouse building
  • Gravity Bar is the highest bar in Dublin located 46 metres off the ground

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