Thursday, October 14, 2010

Digital Ketchup

In their latest advertising campaign to promote the world's favourite ketchup, Heinz have opted to seriously integrate digital into the heart of their activities. The whole campaign is centred on the idea of Heinz Tomato Ketchup as a key (and secret) ingredient in a whole host of classic recipes. The flagship brand of the company's famous fifty seven varieties has developed several video assets that are being pushed through a newly created Facebook Page, and on top of this their is also a campaign microsite. Offline this is being supported by the changing of the name of the sauce on its bottles to "Your Secret Ingredient".

To lend a level of credibility to the idea of the ketchup as an integral part of your cooking, the campaign has drafted in Paul Rankin as the frontman. Paul is the presented in all the videos and ads demonstrating how Heinz Ketchup is part of his favourite recipes. Paul backs this up with a regular blog featuring more recipes and ideas. The microsite is also running a competition challenging mums to discover "The Secret Ingredient", while also providing a number of interactive recipes that allow fans to cook along with the celebrity chef.

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