Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kamchatka: Twitter As Your Website

I would have assumed that folks had seen this (or at least heard about it) but following a conversation with some people on Friday on the options for doing a 'website that's not a website', I found out that not everyone has.

Below is the promo vid for Argentinian digital agency Kamchatka's new website which is based entirely around Twitter. The company setup different profiles to represent different sections of their site and Tweets as the content. It's a brilliant idea and definitely way 'out there'. However, from a practicality point of view I'm just not convinced - especially when you consider Twitter's 4 Day Search Window.

Anyway, have a gander and judge for yourself...


Ben Cotton said...

Hey Christian,

This is a very interesting, but ultimately flawed idea by the guys at Kamchatka.
I'm guessing it may turn out to be something of a word of mouth stunt - which has worked in the sense we are discussing it online!

Whilst, this announcement has got us talking, on closer inspection of the video it becomes clear that there are many practical reasons (not least 140 characters) which mean this idea is unlikely to ever come to fruition.

You rightly mention Twitter's 4 Day Search window as a big issue. I’d also add that Kamchatka could have brand-jacking problems with spoof accounts cropping up and causing mayhem.

However, for me, the biggest concern would be that whilst Twitter is popular, penetration rates are typically under 10% (Web Analytics World), so it makes little sense to further decrease the opportunities for potential clients to hear about and contact you.

In addition, the video recommends users login in via, which given the prevalence of third-party clients will decrease this number further.

If anything, you want to have a sustained presence on a wide, not narrow number of platforms, in addition to a good website.

Christian, it sounds as though they do with some social media planning counsel! The numbers just don’t add up.



Ben Cotton said...

Apologies for the double post!

Christian Hughes said...

No probs Ben, to be honest I thik it was Blogger playing up :)