Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carlsberg Wants To Upgrde Your Visit To The O2

Carlsberg offers their Irish Facebook fans the chance
to upgrade their night to a VIP experience at The O2

Carlsberg are all about great night out. Of course then it's not surprising that they teamed up with The O2 to become the concert venues to be their official beer. What might surprise you though is that Carlsberg want to offer you the chance to upgrade* your night to The Premium Club at The O2 for selected gigs through the Carlsberg Ireland Facebook page.

If you're a Carlsberg Ireland Facebook fan with tickets to the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Novemeber 4th, Kasabian on November 26th, Duran Duran on December 20th, Primal Scream on December 29th, Snow Patrol on January 20th and 21st or Noel Gallgher on February 17th, you have the chance to upgrade your night and enjoy a Carlsberg VIP after party in The Premium Club @ The O2.

From November 4th, you and up to five of your friends** will be greeted at The Premium Club @ The O2 entrance by Carlsberg hostesses. You will have access to the club pre-gig where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy party beats and the luxury surroundings of The Premium Club.

Then after the gig you can pop back to The Premium Club for a Carlsberg after-party and live set by Irish DJ Mo Kelly. Finally, to make the whole night truly unforgettable, you will also be picked up by a complimentary taxi and brought back to the City Centre* at the end of the night.

Dawn Allison, Brand Manager Carlsberg, Diageo Ireland, said “We are delighted to be bringing a brand new and exclusive experience to our Irish Facebook fans through the Carlsberg Upgrade Your Night campaign. Starting from the first gig on November 4th, we plan to bring a series of exclusive experiences to Carlsberg fans across Ireland and give concert ticket holders the chance to enjoy true VIP treatment.”

Carlsberg Ireland Facebook fans will be able to upgrade their night on a first come first serve basis through the Upgrade Your Night’ Tab on

* Upgrades do not include tickets to selected gigs.
** Friends must also have tickets to the selected gigs to gain access to The Premium Club.
** O2 gigs included in the upgrade are Red Hot Chili Peppers on November 4th - Kasabian on November 26th - Duran Duran on December 20th - Primal Scream on December 29th - Snow Patrol on January 20th and 21st
Upgraded guests are allowed to bring up to five friends with tickets for the gig to the Carlsberg experience in the O2 Premium Club.

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