Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks and Saving the World

Joshua Davis of Wired gives a full run down of the whole series of events that led to Dan Kaminsky saving the world. Well possibly saving the world. Ok, well hacking for free wi-fi in Starbucks and discovering one of the largest possible security vulnerabilities in web history.

Imagine a security flaw coded into the very building blocks of the domain naming system, the structure on which the net is built. Nerds everywhere gasp, "... a moment hackers around the world dream of ... a tool that could give them unimaginable power."

It is now openly refered to as the Kaminsky attack and by exposing it, Dan may have prevented the greastest hack of all time. This was the security whole so gigantic, no one ever saw it.

Source: threeminds

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