Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guinness Tornado

Just a week after Arthur's Day, Guinness is still celebrating their 250th anniversary with the launch of the newest Guinness TV ad, ‘Tornado’. The new ad drives awareness of the relaunch of 'Guinness Draught In A Can', with its brand new packaging.

The ad, filmed entirely in Spain, uses classic Guinness 'big brand' creativity to capture the quality and distinctiveness of the redesigned can. The ad focuses on a tornado that is used as an analogy for the magic and mystery of Guinness. The ad brings viewers through the entire life of Guinness from the initial ingredients being blended through to that magic spark, showing that Guinness is alive inside.

Grainne Wafer, Head of Marketing, Guinness said, “This is one of the biggest campaigns to date for the Guinness can. It communicates in a really creative way that Guinness is made from natural ingredients and truly is ‘Alive Inside’. In addition to the television ad, this autumn campaign includes radio and outdoor as well as in-store activity”.

The ad launched across Ireland on Thursday 1st October, with the new look cans hitting shops on the same day. Saatchi & Saatchi developed the ad, and it was directed by Martin Krejci.


Anthony McG said...

It looks like they've developed it from this ad they shot for Guinness bottles:

Christian Hughes said...

Hmmm it does a bit doesn't it....