Sunday, July 12, 2009

Facebook Fan Box

Last Monday Facebook launched Facebook Fan Box. This handy little widget allows you to bring your Facebook page out of Facebook and onto your website. Instead of the usual 'Follow Us' link or button, you can now stream your Facebook activity straight to your site. This will include your most recent posts, a list of your fans, and, perhaps most conveniently, a button to become a fan without having to go anywhere else.

Fan Box utilises Facebook Connect and is extremely simple to add. Just go to your Facebook page, immediately below your page's profile picture you will see a new button. One click and a handy creation wizard will launch.

The main advantages of implementing the widget are to allow fan recruitment in a more direct and engaging way directly from your site, while remaining in complete control of the content provided (content can be customised by the administrator). However the biggest advantage is that anyone has access to the embed code, and can add a Fan Box to their own site. The potential for pushing out content to the net is dramatically increased. There's also a knock-on effect of increasing linking, and therefore increasing page rank potential.

Good examples of pages using the Fan Box include:

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