Tuesday, July 14, 2009

iPhone Music Video

The iPhone has innovated many things in our lives - where you access your email, how you interact with the world (opening up access to Scoail Networks etc.) and completely revolutionising the idea of mobile applications. So the question is, is there anything left for the iPhone to conquere?

Well apparently there is. With the release of the iPhone 3GS (which allows 30sec video capture) there has been a momumental increase of UGC video content online, and in particular on YouTube (400% per day since launch according to YouTube). Mostly it's the regular kind of stuff you'd expect - parties and other social occasions, sporting events etc. However a group of filmmakers at Showdown Productions LLC have gone a step further. They recently completed the first music video shot entirely on an iPhone.

It may not have the creative flair seen with the most recent Fight Like Apes video, but it's worth a look.

Source: PSFK and Claire

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