Saturday, July 11, 2009

Office 2010: The Movie

In the lead up to the release of Microsoft's Office 2010, their marketing campaign has gone into full swing with the unveiling of a campaign microsite (with blog), YouTube channel and newly created video content, including the below 'spoof' movie trailer.

As a whole the campaign doesn't strike me as being particularly innovative or well thought out. The blog is flat and technical. Site navigation is sticky and clumsy. For a product that must have millions at its disposal, Microsoft have failed to do anything special here. The video content sits in isolation with no other attempt made to draw viewers in. No ARG, no onsite treasure hunt, no supporting channels at all - at least none that are being used to any effect. The site does offer 'Share Links' and a link to the products Facebook page, where you can become a fan. But why would you?

The Facebook page currently has just under five and a half thousand fans, and offers such great status updates as, "New work out -- please spread the word!"

Unsurprisingly, that particular update is met with responses such as "what new work???" and "f?ck you". The fact that this hasn't been removed is further indication of a lack of commitment and moderation.

Still, perhaps I'm being too critical? The video does have high production value.

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Kevin Dunne said...

Hi Christian, I read yesterday Microsoft is going to release Office 2010 online for free. I imagine this is a result of and direct challenge to Google Docs.