Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pizza Hut iPhone App

Pizza Hut in the US have just launched a new iPhone App allowing you to order directly from your phone. The App is free and provides an incredibly comprehensive suite of features, allowing complete customisation of you order down to the smallest detail. The interface is touch as usual but goes a step further, utilising the iphone’s multi-touch abilities for choosing you pizza size and dragging and dropping on your desired toppings. Another funny little feature is that shaking the phone will "sauce your wings".

The App offers an interesting couple of further additions in the form of a virtual fridge with coupons pinned on it for your local Pizza Hut, and a cool little game called “Hut Racer”.

Though I kind of wonder why I'm telling you all of this, you could just watch this ridiculously detailed YouTube video...

The App was developed by IMC2

From Pizza Hut’s press release:
The pizza ordering section allows consumers to virtually build their own pizza by choosing a type of crust in the scroll wheel, “pinching” to select size, and dragging-and-dropping toppings onto the pizza, all with visual confirmation. If an overeager pizza customer adds too many toppings, the pizza explodes and toppings go flying across the screen with an alert to make their pizza happier with fewer toppings. Toppings are easily deleted by clicking them in a generated text list. To customize for half and half, users tilt the phone left or right and the toppings move to one side or the other. When finished, the user sees a visual representation of what their pizza will look like.

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