Thursday, August 6, 2009

Malibu: Radio Maliboom Boom

Malibu is set to launch its latest global digital campaign. Malibu's Radio Maliboom Boom will become a content broadcast platform for all things Malibu during the coming 12 months. Great Works have created an online radio station that will provide 24/7 upbeat music and humorous conversations between DJ Bernhard and MC Wonder Full, Malibu's Caribbean Radio DJs. The site will be continually refreshed with exciting content including exclusive music tracks, music videos and clips as DJ Bernhard and MC Wonder Full’s crusade to spread their Caribbean vibe around the globe.The site essentially provides a streaming music player featuring top Universal music artists, however there are also a number of downloads planned such as e-cards, ringtones and other fun digital applications.

The campaign launched in the US on August 3 and is rolling out to Canada, Spain, the Netherlands and other markets during the coming months. The campaign is supported by television and online advertising, as well as numerous offline activations. There will be four thirty second tv spots: "Maliboom Boom," "Sunshine," "Shake it" and "Social Responsibility." The spots are all based around the radio personalities, DJ Bernhard and MC Wonder Full, who broadcast an upbeat and vibrant music show to the world from the rugged Radio Maliboom Boom studio on a beach in Barbados.

The campaign's opening tv ad, "Sunshine," shows DJ Bernhard and MC Wonder Full giving a worldwide weather report. First MC Wonder Full calls out a city name, then DJ Bernhard exclaims, "Sunshine!" as he throws a magnetic sun symbol over his shoulder to a world map behind him. Unfortunately each time the sun lands on the board, the city can be seen to be covered in rain. Finally, MC Wonder Full asks "Tokyo?", to which DJ Bernhard yells, "Sunshine!" and MC Wonder Full quickly replies, "But it is 1 a.m. in Tokyo, Bernhard." The ad closes out to reveal a rooftop party in Tokyo where people are dancing to upbeat and lively Caribbean music while enjoying Malibu cocktails. Despite the late hour, the sun is shining for the partygoers thanks to Radio Maliboom Boom.

Ozlem Citci, Malibu Global Brand Director, says "Radio Maliboom Boom takes our existing advertising initiative in an exciting new direction. Through a fully integrated experience, we're inviting our consumers to become a part of the 'Get Your Island On' crusade - infusing light-hearted fun and vibrant energy into the every day."

"The new campaign goes beyond the traditional television spots by creating an experience where consumers can connect with the irreverent, vibrant spirit of the Malibu brand through the engaging personalities of the DJs," said Paul Campbell, Vice President of Marketing for Malibu at Pernod Ricard USA. "We want people to be able to embrace the fun of Malibu in their everyday lives and Radio Maliboom Boom is a perfect way to do this."

Keep an eye out on Digitology and I'll let you know as soon as there's live content to explore.

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