Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top 50 UK/Irish Marketing Blogs

The following list has been compiled from the AdAge Power150 Blog List. Shown is the blog's position both within the British Isles and globally. All Blogs highlighted are especially worth visiting. I am also delighted to add that Digitology comes in at 42 on the list.

2Scotland42David Airey
4England65Econsultancy's Internet Marketing Blog
6England78Chris Garrett on New Media
7England90FreshNetworks Blog
8England98Nick Burcher
10England149Only Dead Fish
12England158Russell Davis
13England162We Are Social
14Ireland166Ad Operations Online
15England170This Is HERD
16England177Welcome to Optimism
19England198That Canadian Girl
21England208A PR Guy's Musings
22England21350-Plus Marketing
24England224SEOCO Blog
25England227Brand Strategy Magazine Blog
26Ireland232Krishna De's BizGrowth News
27England234Event Manager Blog
28England238London Calling
30England261Social Media Trader
31England262Technobabble 2.0
32England270UK Affiliate Marketing Blog
33England276Faster Future
34Scotland281Hobo UK SEO Company Blog
35England282Andrew R H Girdwood
37Ireland291Search Engine Marketing Blog
38England298How To Make My Blog
39England300Make Marketing History
40England310Interactive Marketing Trends
41England313Spinning Around
42Ireland314Digitology - The Digital Marketing Blog
43England327The Engaging Brand
44England330Modern Marketing
45England358Life Moves Pretty Fast
46England359Drew B's take on tech PR
47England366Liberate Media blog
48England369Apple Pie & Custard
49England394The Way of the Web
50England399Talent imitates, genius steals

this list is correct as of 2am 27th August 2009


Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Congrats on the ranking - very well deserved imho :D

Well done Christian

Christian Hughes said...

Cheers - I'm just happy to think I blog something worth reading :)

Nick McGivney said...

Yup, great to see you and Krishna there. That's punching pretty darn good versus the bigger market of the UK.

Christian Hughes said...

Cheers Nick - hopefully as the blogging community expands more and more within Ireland, we'll see an increased presence of Irish bloggers within the International environment