Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let everyone's eyebrows dance!

In an exciting add-on to the already hugely successful 'Eyebrows' campaign, from Cadbury, users have been invited to participate in a communal event on the MSN Homepage called JiveBrow09. Using webcams, users can record their own 'Eyebrow Jive' and stream it straight onto the MSN Homepage. The main event, The JiveBrow Dance, will take place this Friday (27th February), alongside a host of other activity created by Hyper, Cadbury's Digital Agency. Users can also utilise a new 'Eyebrowser' application to put some dancing eveybrows on any page on the web.

All-in-all there is a major drive to capitalise and leaverage the initial success of the eyebrows video (which recieved over 4 million views in its first two weeks live) created by Fallon. Dairy Milk brand manager, Sandie Dilger, has said, "We really wanted our online activity to allow people to get involved with the ‘eyebrows' campaign themselves."

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