Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Google Earth Updates

Looks like there’s a whole plethora of new Google Earth features that have just been launched. First up is the Ocean. Seriously. Although Google Earth did display some texturing to indicate depth and undersea features, it has now been dramatically expanded. It will now feature a detailed bathymetric map that will allow you to actually drop below the surface and move around the various trenches and ridges of the 3D seafloor. There is also a large collection of video and image data points of ocean life and surf spots, and logs of real ocean expeditions.

Next up is the new Touring function. With this you can create your own fly-through tours to share with other people.

Google Earth has also expanded the extra-earth destinations it has available with Mars 3D. In collaboration with NASA, Google Earth now gives you the option to fly to the Red Planet and view stunning high-res 3D terrain and imagery. They’ve also included various info points regarding the landing spots that have seen earth explorers touchdown on.

Finally is Google Earth’s new Historical Imagery. Up to now it was only possible to view a single image from a given location. With this new function you can move backwards and forwards through time, viewing images from various decades. Watch as a city explodes with growth.

So if any of this tickles your fancy, get over to Google Earth 5.0 and download yourself a copy now.

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