Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorry, no musicians

No doubt you've all seen the (extremely annoying) Iggy Pop ads for car insurance. Well funny thing, as it turns out, Swiftcover don't actually cover musicians. So looks like there might be a bit of bother for them. According to the Advertising Standards Authority, there have been 12 complaints from musicians who have been refused cover, while all their ads feature on of the most recognisable musicians in the world.

Someone somewhere screwed up. It does beg the question though - how often do your marketing people talk to your product or legal people? I'd hope all the time to be honest. I for one know that all the clients I deal with have strict policies on how, where, when and what can be used to advertise their products/services, and that's aside from the individual clauses, disclaimers and exceptions that any given product or service may have.

Anyway, like I said, someone somewhere screwed up. Now Swiftcover will have to live with a raft of these videos popping up (and remember, nothing dies on the net!)...


Unknown said...

Oh dear - poor Iggy Pop. Maybe someone should buy him a t-shirt and that should be it!

Posted it myself.

Christian Hughes said...

I'd love to know who didn't check the underwriting before approving the concept!