Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bakery Tweeting

I've had a number of discussions with colleagues about the monetisation of Twitter, and it's inclusion in the digital marketing mix. There is still a very large question as to how effective it can be on a campaign by campaign basis (i.e. short term 4-6 week campaigns), how it can be properly tracked and how it can be used to actually enhance a campaign. In my own opinion there's no doubt the place that Twitter now has, and the growth that it's experiencing is undeniable, but how that can be used within a digital marketing campaign isn't yet clear.

An example of Twitter being used to great effect is the current Powerade Never Give Up Campaign, which has all three Apline Marathon runners on Twitter with constant updates and news. This is a perfect example of how to use Twitter but you have to remember that it's really just being used as a communication broadcast tool here - the actual amount of conversation is probably limited in the grand scale of things. This to me highlights the drawback and difficulties faced by Marketers trying to use Twitter as a conversation tool.

So if we consider Twitter as a broadcast tool, then perhaps it's got serious potential. Consider what I think is the best use of Twitter to date, full stop.

Poke London have created BakerTweet. BakerTweet is a wall-mounted box with a simple turndial and single button operation, with a small LCD display. The box allows users to choose from an inventory of items from cakes to croissants, and broadcast a message to their Followers as soon as these delicious treats are out of the oven. Seen here at the Albion cafe (which is located across the road from Poke's Shoreditch offices) the system can be seen in operation.

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