Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flirting 2.0

With the explosion of Social Media and the new found ability to poke, tweet, follow, tag and so on, you need to know just how it is that you're meant to interact with the opposite sex...

Cheers to Rick for this one!


Kevin Dunne said...

Hi Christian, this is the way I see social networking going. I think we're moving from individual networks to open and collaborative networks.

By this I mean social networks are moving towards becoming social dashboards. The best example I've seen so far is Plaxo Pulse.

Plaxo Pulse shows when friends have updated their facebook page, when they have uploaded a new photo to flickr, when they leave a new comment on Amazon, etc.

Christian Hughes said...

That's funny - I was just looking at Plaxo Pulse over the weekend. I thoroughly agree Kevin - I imagine that we will see a rise of integration software, allowing people to access their multiple platforms through single access points. However, this may ultimately become meaningless, as I thyink we will see a steady 'niche'ing of platforms with only a few 'broad' platforms surviving.