Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Compare the Meerkats Ad

Everyone's favourite entrepreneurial, aristocratic, Russian Meerkat is back. Billionaire Aleksandr Orlov is back with the latest ad for his Compare the Meerkat site (not to be confused with Compare the Market!).

This is more fine work from Compare the Market's creative agency VCCP, and brings Aleksandr back to perform a Punch and Judy-style puppet show, complete with a baton-wielding fight scene. The ad will launch on July 5th and run on ITV1, Channel 4, Sky 1, Five, ITV2 and ITV3.

Aleksandr states:
"Despite many fans of previous advert, peoples still making mistake. New ad will let peoples know about my meerkat business, not other website,, which is for humans searching for cheap deals on their car insurance."

The ads have had a massive resonance with the public and aside from boasting quotes on the site by 80% (according to the company), the ads have also driven a huge interest in the animals as pets.

Within other online channels the campaign is showing equal success with nearly 480k fans on Facebook and over 18k followers on Twitter.


nicola-t said...

I love the Compare the Meerkats campaign... though I get more than a few strange looks when explaining the website around the office. Apparently not everyone is interested in comparing meerkats...

Christian Hughes said...

It's just about the best campaign this year - I love everything about it. Are you following Alexandr on Twitter? - brilliant personalised responses!!