Saturday, September 12, 2009

Augmented Reality: Nokia

I'd be the first to admit that I've been very critical of Nokia lately, but then they come out with something like this and I have to stop and reconsider.

This is the new Nokia future vision video. It's Nokia's showreel of their future innovation concepts - essentially their vision of aspects of future interaction with digital through mobile device and application. Here we see digitally-enabled glasses.

I honestly think this looks really exciting. This is the first seriously innovative application of cutting-edge digital that I've seen Nokia aim for. Instead of the usual 'stick more features on a standard phone', here we see Nokia actually moving outside the box. Of course the question now becomes, how much reality is in this?

I wrote about the innovations being made in contact lenses technology, so surely there is a better chance of seeing these glasses? Stay tuned - as soon as I hear anything I'll post about it.

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