Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wispa Gold Where Have You Been?

Cadbury are bringing back Wispa Gold! That right folks, on the back of user-generated ad campaign, Cadbury are relaunching that oh so delicious caramel cousin of the Wispa. Having been off the market for so time now, Cadbury have teamed up with Fallon to bring Wispa Gold back in some serious style. Through the microsite, users have the chance to put messages up on billboards around the UK.

The campaign, which goes live on the 7th September, will give the public an opportunity to create custom messages that can be submitted for the chance to sit on one of hundreds of 48 sheets that have been specially purchased just for this campaign. The website itself boldly declares that "We've decided to give our advertising space to you guys as a thank you for all the love you've shown to Wispa. We have bought thousands of billboards all over the UK and Ireland so that you can share your special messages with the world. Yes, that's right, you let us know your special message and if it gets selected we will post it on a real billboard in the location of your choice. So if your mum lives in Birmingham you could post her a special message, say a poem, and we'll try to give you a site as near to her as possible."

The 48 sheets in question are located in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Cardiff, Nottingham, Belfast, Plymouth, Brighton and Norwich.

Fallon have said that the whole idea for the campaign stems from their 2008 social media campaign that brought back the Wispa. The campaign in question resulted in the following TV ad starring hundreds of Wispa fans:

For your message, Cadbury want you to do anything except hold back. As they put it "If you want to do the creative bit yourself, that’s great". However, even if you're not the arty type, they have a team of people ready to take messages and turn them into lovely posters.

Entires can be submitted via email or online, but all entries must be in by 19th October.

Cadbury Wispa are also on Facebook and YouTube

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