Sunday, March 22, 2009

7UP Free

I spotted the following ad today on RTÉ, for the new 7UP Free campaign. At first I thought it was a static GIF and there was obviously some sort of serving issue with their fully animated SWF. I happened to accidentally refresh the page and realised that this was not a static GIF but was in fact the full ad, as it was intended.

I was fairly surprised that this was the best that could be come up with, considering I think the campaign as a whole definitely has merit and could easily lend itself to ads that are not only interactive but pull in some of the rich content featured on the microsite. I mean, why would you not use all the creative at your disposal and only focus on the banner waving man?

I presume that this campaign has been done by Marketing Network but I am open to correction as I can't actually find any mention of 7UP on their website. Perhaps there are more ads out there that are more interactive and use some of the rich content, but I haven't found them. I know that RTÉ do have certain restrictions on the placement of rich media ads on their site.

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