Monday, March 16, 2009

So You want to be a pilot?

At some stage every young boy dreams of flying a plane. So what if someone told you that you could become a pilot. But be warned, I don't mean taking 120 hours of lessons to be allowed fly a single prop Cessna. I mean the chance to become a pilot of a major international service.

In what can only be considered a stroke of craziness akin to Ryanairs recent publicity, AirAsia are giving 10 individuals the opportunity to take to the sky as an AirAsia pilot. So what do you have to do? Blog about why it should be you. That's it. Write a blog.

Between the 1st April and 15th May just send in your posts for a chance to win. Tell them why you deserve 1 of the 10 spots and a chance to become an ace.

All the details you'll need are here on the AirAsia blog.

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