Monday, July 13, 2009

Augmented Reality: ID

These is one of the funkiest uses of Augmented Reality that I've come across. Imagine being able to combine all your Social Media profiles into a single "profile" that is, you. Pick and choose what information you want displayed based on what you're doing - in work, out at a club, whatever.

This is exactly what the guys at The Astonishing Tribe are currently working on. Following on from some brilliant stuff like their G1 user interface and impressive 3D eye-tracking concept, they are now in full swing to get the Augmented ID up and running. The augmented reality app will utilise facial recognition software to allow people to view your profile around you. By simply viewing someone through the app on your phone you will be shown their pre-selected info and social networking links hovering around them.


Stephen said...

Amazing, simply amazing but will be lost on the masses

Christian Hughes said...

Lets hope not - I'd really like to see this happen - think it's an excellent idea.