Friday, May 8, 2009

Download a Car

The good people at Mitsubishi are offering you the chance to download a car. Seriously. Well kinda.

Basically the marketing folks over at Mitsubishi HQ have realised that downloading movies, tv programs etc. is now fairly mainstream and not restricted to ├╝ber geeks. So for their latest promotion Mitsubishi have hidden 30 different parts of its new Colt car throughout a selection of torrent sites, P2P-networks and some non-torrent sites. Basically the first person to find all the parts and put them together, gets a free brand new Mitsubishi Colt - in assembled form thankfully.

The promotion is being launched at today's Barcelona Motor Show. If you want to take part just pop over and register at Of course you'll need to tell them you're Spanish.

Apologies if you're Spanish is rusty.

I got this via my mate Gav - cheers dude

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