Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vinnie's Bis-quits

I can't imagine anyone who doesn't love the Fox's ad on tv at the moment with Vinnie the panda. Though I'm not sure I can watch Criminal Minds with a straight face anymore! Anyway, I got an email today to let me know that Vinnie's role has been expanded and he is now the panda to head Fox's social media campaign. Vinnie will be live on Facebook and Twitter, answering any and all biscuit related questions.

Vinnie will also be writing a blog on the Fox's website, as well as providing visitors with the option to create and send audio and video messages to your friends on Facebook and Twitter, or via email or text. The site also promises a host of online apps that let you chart Vinnie's tour of the UK as he travels to various ‘business meetings'.

Ultimately Vinnie promises to 'sort out' anyone who messes with your biscuits!

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