Thursday, June 25, 2009

The 2010 Mustang

In 1990 Roger Keeney was involved in a farming accident. A piece of metal struck him in the head and when he regained consciousness he was unable to see anything. He had completely lost his sight. It might seem odd then to hear that Roger was given the chance to take the newest Ford Mustang convertible on an amazing ride; reaching speeds of up to 90mph and pulling doughnuts.

The 62 year old won the chance to do this by participating in Mustang's '10 Unleashed' promotion. The promotion asked people to describe their ultimate Mustang experience in 250 words or less. Sounds simple.

For anyone who likes cars (especially Mustangs!), watch Roger's entire video diary here.

If you have any interest in performance cars or drifting, check this out...

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