Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adsense Opens For iPhone and Mobile Applications

Last Wednesday Google announced that Adsense was expanding to the iPhone and other mobile application platforms. A trial program has been in place with a small group of publishers such as Sega, Shazam, and Urbanspoon since April, to test and trouble shoot the new service. While the current offering will still be in beta, Google says that they see this as a way for developers to be rewarded for their work, and also to extend their contextual ad network.

Of course for advertisers, this means that the opportunity is now available to expand existing Adwords campaigns into various mobile applications. Some of the benefits that are offered are targeting traffic from specific applications and locations, and of course, targeting by specific keywords and categories.

The following is a testimonial from Howard Steinberg, Business Development Director at UrbanSpoon:

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