Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Google Voice Now Has 1 Million Numbers!

There was some really big news last month when Google went ahead and reserved 1 million phone numbers. Following months of beta testing, this looks like the first sign that Google Voice may finally be ready to roll out. Going back to March of this year, Google annonunced it's latest service - Google Voice (their development plan for GrandCentral which was acquired in 2007) - a service that would allow users to unify all their phone numbers (work, personal, home, mobile etc.) into a single number.

Up until now GrandCentral has been opperating in Beta, but these 1 million numbers (all of which are level 3 numbers) surely indicates that Google are close to adding a significant amount of additional users. Unfortunately a Google spokesperson would only say "as a matter of policy, we typically do not comment on contracts with third-party technology suppliers."

Beyond unifying all your number, Google Voice proposes a number of new, really cool, features. Pop over to the Google Voice site and check them out (via handy YouTube videos!).

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