Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tweet to Ads, Live!

In an industry first, Nestle (US) are preparing to launch a campaign allowing users to Tweet directly into their online display ads, live. Developed by SocialMedia, the new concept, coined 'Twitter Pulse', is currently being tested as part of a drive to promote its Juicy Juice fruit drink.

The ads will carry a range of questions such as ‘How do you stimulate your child's mind?' and ‘How important are vitamin enhanced foods to you?' Users can then use Twitter to answer the questions by posting tweets directly into the ad. Through use of a #hashtag the Tweets will also appear on the campaign Twitter profile.

When users clickthrough on the ads themselves they are brought through to the Juicy Juice's YouTube channel, where they can see a number of videos with useful information for parents.

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Jason Navon said...

Good post and potentially an interesting case study on brands using Twitter to engage consumers in a campaign. The subject matter should make it resonate with parents. The only question I'd have is that many parents probably run ad-blockers through their AV software which might limit views/participation. It'll be interesting to see if it succeeds and what the metrics are.